Privacy Policy

Our website gives priority in respecting the privacy of those who use and visit us online. One of our obligations is to secure the information that come from people who visit us through our existing Privacy Policy. With the help of this implemented rule, it is easier for us to evaluate the shared information that we collect from visiting individuals.

All users and visitors who decide to use our website must understand the importance of adhering to this particular guideline before they proceed. Our existing guidelines are very important and those who want to visit us need to adhere on whatever we implement legally.

Necessary Information

For individuals who decide to visit and use our website, they have to submit the necessary details that we need for verification. We usually get the name, gender, age, citizenship and address to proceed. We only collect these data to help us improve and complete our available services and we secure them against fraudulent individuals.

Information Distribution

When we collect and safeguard the collected data, we do our responsibility better. In case an authorized government firm or a legitimate service provider request for copies, we many however share them but under an agreement. Although we provide the data, they only need to use them in resolving the exact problem If the implemented law will require us to share data to other related parties, we check the legality of the agreement.

Web Beacons or Cookies

We follow the rule when it comes to checking web beacons or cookies because this is important when using our website. We respect all the imposed terms and conditions, which include the importance of monitoring cookies from the European Union (EU). When gathering information from the cookies of our visitors and users, these include the OS as well as browser they utilize. The advantage of checking these data is that we can easily check the number of visitors and users who are active on our website. In case we choose to utilize any of the available details we have, our intention is to develop our online visibility and offered services.

Changing of Privacy Guideline

The Privacy Policy we created is important because it can secure our users and visitors, but we have the right to change it. Because we own the right to alter or remove anything from this policy, we do not need an authorization from other parties.